Mad Triad - 3 & 6 Wheeled

Mad Triad - 3 & 6 Wheeled

Both the Handy Mad Triad & Mad Triad Challenge puzzles have been exclusives to our company, & not available for purchase elsewhere, worldwide, since 2006.

The Mad Triad puzzle (also called the "Twisting Tri-Side Puzzle" in the UK) consists of intersecting discs of 6 (rounded) triangular tiles each which can rotate. There are two versions. The "Handy" and the "Challenge".

The "Handy" Mad Triad has three separate discs - red, blue and yellow - arranged in a triangle. In the centre two tiles from each of the three discs form a fourth disc which allows the pieces to be mixed properly. This handy version is in a casing in the shape of a hand, where each finger twists to turn a disc. The tiles of each colour are numbered.

The other version is the Mad Triad Challenge, and it has 6 coloured discs - green, red, yellow, orange, blue, purple - again arranged in a large triangle. Wherever three discs come together, an extra disc is formed by two tiles of each. There are four such extra discs, making ten all together. They can be rotated by twisting a knob in the centre of each disc. Three of the tiles of each colour have a symbol, a moon, sun or star. Several different patterns are shown on the box and the instructions which you can try to make.

For such a seemingly simple puzzle, it has an elaborate mechanism that locks the tiles in place. Without it the rounded triangular tiles would no doubt twist or slide out of arrangement. When you begin to turn a knob, the transparent upper casing is lifted to release the tiles, while another unseen part is raised underneath and locks the tiles onto the axle. It is highly ill-advised to take apart a Mad Triad. It has many intricate parts and some springs, which makes it difficult to put back together again. There are good reasons for the casing to have 7 screws to keep it together.

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